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Worldwide SMS coverage for your business SMS messages

Bulk SMS Service for Wholesale

Bulk SMS Service for Carriers and Wholesale Customers

Enjoy the best Bulk SMS service with profitable wholesale pricing packages.

Bulk SMS Wholesale allows direct connection to HORISEN Messaging SMS Gateway to send large quantities of SMS messages worldwide quickly, efficiently and securely. Moreover, it is the most cost-effective solution for SMS mass sending worldwide. HORISEN Messaging Bulk SMS service is ideal for SMS Aggregators, ISP’s, telecom companies and mobile operators which would like to send A2P (Application to Person) or P2P (Person to Person) messages to their customers.

HORISEN Messaging Bulk SMS Wholesale

Bulk SMS Wholesale is an SMS transit service designed for carriers and wholesale SMS customers. With years of experience in Telecom and Mobile Marketing operations, HORISEN Messaging is the most reliable partner for your wholesale Bulk messaging business, handling international text messaging traffic from high-quality, responsive wholesale partners and partners with large retail volumes.

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HORISEN Messaging Bulk SMS services are used by many different clients, from various industries: financial services (banks, credit card companies, and insurances), government & public services, consumer services, retail, real estate, media, entertainment, etc.

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